Two Tragedies in One Act (Hamlet and Macbeth) by William Shakespeare — Full Cast Audiobook

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Publisher's Summary

Two tragedies in one act by William Shakespeare. Edited and condensed by J.P. Crabb. Presented by The Online Stage.

Hamlet and Macbeth are two of Shakespeare's best-known plays and contain some of the most famous speeches in world literature. These one-act versions of the plays, which were edited by J.P. Crabb, the details of whose life and other works have disappeared into obscurity, retain the significant monologues and dialogues while presenting a streamlined view of the action.

Featuring the voices of Alan Weyman, Amanda Friday, Anna Grace, Blythe Melin, David Shears, Denis Daly, Graham Scott, Huw Brentnall, Jeff Moon, Lance Rasmussen, PJ Morgan, Rob Goll, Ron Altman, Sarah Bacaller, Senn Annis, Sydnee Fullmer and Tyler Hyrchuk.

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