Cinderella – Nottingham Arts Theatre – December 2015


"Life isn't perfect, and it never will be, but for the brief two hours of a Pantomime, it is... pretty much"

I spoke these lines in voice-over towards the beginning of Jeanie Finlay's 2014 BBC Storyville documentary: Panto! Mayhem, Make Up and Magic which aired a year ago today!

These lines were recorded before the run of Puss In Boots in 2012, and that show certainly reinforced my opinion. So many happy memories and such fun.
Fast forwarding to this year and to the longer run of Cinderella (18 shows compared to 13) and it has been a privilege to work with many of the same people from Puss In Boots and a good deal of new faces too.
What an amazing cast and crew I have just had the pleasure of working with. Professional, committed and talented across the board. Cinderella is perhaps the most magical pantomime of them all and this show certainly felt that way: A brilliant cast and a sizzling script with just the right balance of music and jokes to entertain the very young to the very old (like me!)
Two very different, but equally beautiful and charming Cinderellas through a host of well cast and colourful characters, down to the two brilliant teams of juniors - this show has been a delight to devote 3 months of my life to!
Thank you to our wonderful audiences who helped to create 18 memorable tellings of this magical tale!

This has been one of the best shows I have ever done and I shall miss it, but will cherish wonderful memories of this year's festive magic.

we sang, we danced, we laughed and cried
we joked and groaned and custard pied
there were crowns in fishnets
and steps on slippers
and somewhere perhaps
the smell of kippers
things sped up and things slowed down
and rags turned into a beautiful gown
pumpkin and mouse became horse and carriage
all rounded off with a prospective marriage

"as close to perfection as you're going to get" - Kev Castle - NHR

Yes, Kev... I do believe you're right
Amanda, Ray, Amy, the wonderful cast and crew and all our audiences...
Thanks for the magic
Thanks for the memories xox
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