The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins — Multi-voice Audiobook from The Online Stage

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The Online Stage presents The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins

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Publisher's Summary

Young Rachel Verinder inherits a sacred Indian moonstone from her uncle. This extremely valuable gem disappears from Rachel's bedroom soon after a party is thrown in her honor to celebrate her eighteenth birthday. Believed to be stolen, a series of narratives unfold to solve the mystery of the missing moonstone. In true Collins fashion, one cannot get enough of the twists and turns in this intriguing detective story.


Gabriel Betteredge - Graham Scott

Julia Verinder - Lillian Rachel

Franklin Blake - Josh Innerst

Rachel Verinder - Amanda Friday

Penelope Betteredge - Ella Lynch

Sgt. Cuff - David Stifel

Drusilla Clack - Elizabeth Klett

Mr. Bruff - Rob Goll

Ezra Jennings - Jeff Moon

Rosanna Spearman - Anna Grace

Godfrey Ablewhite - Tyler Hyrchuk

Public Domain (P)2022 The Online Stage

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