The Island of Doctor Moreau by H. G. Wells — Multi-voice Audiobook from The Online Stage

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The Island of Doctor Moreau on Audible UK

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The Island of Doctor Moreau on Amazon UK

Publisher's summary
Scientifically minded Edward Prendick is shipwrecked in the southern Pacific and rescued by a passing ship. Aboard he meets Montgomery whose destination is an island belonging to Dr. Moreau. Moreau, formerly an eminent physiologist in London whose gruesome experiments in vivisection had been publicly exposed, had fled England as a result of his exposure.

Edward tries to understand and survive among Dr. Moreau's gruesome 'beast-folk' and tries to return to civilization.

Edward Prendick - Nik Sliwerski
Montgomery - Rob Goll
Dr. Moreau - Tim Sailer
M'ling - Tyler Hyrchuk
Captain Davis - Josh Innerst
Sayer of the Law - Stephen Indrisano
Beast Folk - Anna Grace, Jeff Moon, Tyler Hyrchuk, Stephen Indrisano, Josh Innerst, and Tim Sailer
Public Domain (P)2024 The Online Stage

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