No Name by Wilkie Collins — Multi-voice Audiobook from The Online Stage

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Publisher's summary

After a tragic accident kills their father and their mother perishes during childbirth, sisters Norah and Magdalen discover their parents had only been married a matter of months and therefore the girls were actually illegitimate. Their uncle inherits the entirety of the family fortune, refusing to provide the girls with anything as they make their way out into the world. Using her love of the stage and all things dramatic, Magdalen enlists the help of her distant relative, Captain Wragge, a known professional swindler, to regain her inheritance and the right to her name.

Narrator—Danielle Cohen
Norah Vanstone—Anna Grace
Magdalen Vanstone—Amanda Friday
Captain Wragge—Rob Goll
Mr. Vanstone—Jeff Moon
Miss Garth—Elizabeth Klett
Mr. Clare—Graham Scott
Francis Clare—Andy Harrington
Mrs. Lecount—Trisha Rose
Mrs. Wragge—Lillian Rachel
Noel Vanstone—Tyler Hyrchuk
Mr. Kirke—Josh Innerst
Child—Isabelle Friday

Public Domain (P)2023 The Online Stage

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