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Publisher's Summary

Jane Eyre is a plain orphan girl, unloved and abused by her Aunt Reed, who is sent away to boarding school. Strong of heart and craving independence, Jane embarks upon a life of governess to a young French girl named Adele, the benefactor of the mysterious Mr. Rochester. Life at Thornfield Hall proves just as mysterious as its owner with haunting laughter and a dark secret living in the attic.

Arguably Charlotte Bronte's most famous novel, it continues to top the charts of most loved classics of all time.

Jane Eyre - Amanda Friday
Mr. Rochester - Rob Goll
St. John Rivers - Jeff Moon
John Reed - Andy Harrington
Mary Rivers - Grace-Keller Scotch
Mrs. Reed - Sara Morsey
Diana Rivers - Elizabeth Klett
Grace Poole - Danielle Cohen
Abbot - Michelle Marie
Mr. Lloyd - Ben Stevens
Mr. Brocklehurst - Alan Weyman
Frederick Lynn - Ted Wenskus
Miss Miller/Georgiana - Arielle Lipshaw
Helen/Rosamond Oliver - Becca Maggie
Adele/Blanche Ingram - Tiffany Halla Colonna
Mrs. Fairfax - Sarah Mitchell
Sam - Peter Tucker
Lady Ingram - P J Morgan
Mason - Craig Franklin

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Public Domain (P)2019 The Online Stage

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