The Dream Woman by Wilkie Collins— Multi-voice Audiobook

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Publisher's Summary

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Francis Raven awakens on the eve of his birthday, frightened by the appearance of a woman attempting to murder him. He is continually haunted by this woman and years later marries Alicia Warlock, who looks strikingly identical to the figure from his dream. Is this Dream Woman simply an apparition or will her attempts to kill Francis become reality? Also known as The Ostler in earlier versions, The Dream Woman is another of Collins' finest detective stories.

Francis Raven - Graham Scott
Francis' Mother - Lillian Rachel
Percy Fairbank - Rob Goll
Clotilde Fairbank - Anna Grace
Alicia Warlock - Amanda Friday
Joseph Rigobert/Doctor - Josh Innerst
Aunt Chance - Elizabeth Klett
Surgeon/Second Landlord - David Prickett
Peasant/Policeman - Tomas Peter
Landlord - Alan Weyman
Son - Tom Saer

Audio edited by Amanda Friday

Public Domain (P)2021 The Online Stage

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