The Turn of the Screw by Henry James – Multi-Voice Audiobook from The Online Stage

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Publisher's Summary

Henry James' 1898 novella is one of the world's greatest ghost stories. Told by an unnamed governess who accepts a position looking after two children at a remote English country manor, the story is famously ambiguous. The governess gradually comes to believe that the house - and the two seemingly angelic children, Miles and Flora - are haunted by the ghosts of her predecessor and her brutish lover. But are the ghosts actually real? Or is the governess slowly going mad?

The Governess - Elizabeth Klett
Narrator - Rob Goll
Douglas - Josh Innerst
Mrs. Grose/Mrs. Griffin - Danielle Cohen
Miles/Woman 1 - Amanda Friday
Mr. Griffin/The Master - Jeff Moon
Flora - Miranda Hodges

Public Domain (P)2021 The Online Stage

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