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Publisher's Summary

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

Presented by The Online Stage

Oliver Twist is the well-loved tale of an orphan, who starts life in a workhouse and finds himself embroiled in London's criminal underworld, before being saved by a kind gentleman who knows something of his surprising family history. A satire and social commentary as well as a page-turning yarn, full of grit, wit, and some of the most memorable characters in English Literature. The second published serialised novel by Charles Dickens, The British Library remarks that "it has proven to be one of the best-loved novels in the history of literature".

Narrator and Sikes - Ben Lindsey-Clark
Oliver - Sarah Bacaller
Fagin - Graham Scott
Mr. Bumble - Rob Goll
Dodger - Amber Hegarty
Nancy - Anna Grace
Rose Maylie - Amanda Friday
Dr. Losberne - David Prickett
Harry Maylie - Mark Crowle-Groves
Mrs. Corney - Elizabeth Klett
Mrs. Maylie - Lillian Rachel
Monks - Jeff Moon
Charlie Bates - P. J. Morgan
Grimwig - Max Gallo
Audio edited by Ben Lindsey-Clark

Public Domain (P)2021 The Online Stage

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