Chapter 1 — Dracula by Bram Stoker — Audiobook

Dracula — Chapter 1

The first chapter of my audio recording of Bram Stoker's Dracula.

15 Replies to “Chapter 1 — Dracula by Bram Stoker — Audiobook”

  1. I enjoyed your recordings immensely on your YouTube channel. I am so glad a quick search led me here to your website. I was afraid I would not be able to enjoy your work anymore. I had not yet been able to listen to your recording of Jane Eyre. I am looking forward to it.
    Thank you for sharing you talents.

  2. Thank you for your reading of Dracula, my favorite rendition by far! Van Helsing is amazing.

  3. Hello! Where can I find your Jane Eyre? I really, really enjoyed it, as it was my introduction to the novel and I absolutely fell in love with it. I don’t see it on this site, is there a place I can buy or otherwise access it?

    1. Hi, Bianca
      Thanks for the enquiry 🙂 I will be uploading Jane Eyre onto this site at some point in the future – Hopefully within the next couple of weeks
      Best wishes – Rob

  4. Your reading of Dracula is my absolute favorite!!!! In fact, I was terrified when I could not find it on YouTube just now because listening to your reading of it has become a ritual around this time of year over the past couple years. Thank you for sharing here!

  5. My congratulations to you on your Reading of Dracula.
    You have a wonderful speaking voice.
    I wish you continued success.

  6. This reading is the absolute best I have ever heard. Mr. Goll’s work stands as a monument to this excellent book. Thanks

  7. Rob stands alone on this narration. The absolute best interpretation of this classic novel I have ever heard. Thanks.

  8. Dear, dear, Sir.
    Several years ago I enjoyed your recording of Dracula immensely on YouTube. I was just settling down to Jane Eyre when you shifted everything here to your website but alas, no Jane appeared.
    I have seen others request your recording of Jane Eyre and awaited eagerly when a year ago last August you replied so promisingly to the same request from another grateful listener. Can I ever hope to hear your recording? I can just imagine your rendition of Rochester’s cry for “Jane! Jane! Jane!” Please make it a reality.

  9. Sir… I tried to impart my great praise for your work on “Dracula” some time ago… like 4 years ago I think, mentioning how I had read it many times and your grasp of various dialects, and such, was masterful enough to resound in my untrained ear (and mind) to warrant gushing praise. I was sad to see your Youtube channel (with the reading, Rob Goll, yes?) gone… but I am very (like other have said) glad to find you on this site. I had to check rather far back on my comments section of my own Youtube channel (comment too much, do I, clearly) to relocate your videos and channel. Very glad to see you are still out there. And being that Halloween is approaching, I am ready to listen to your expert rendition yet again. Your Van Helsing and ship captain and other secondary reporting characters will never be surpassed in my estimation. Thank you, sir. Again, Happy Halloween and all the rest. I think I should sample more of your work. Good evening.

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